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Wild Oceans has kicked off the new year with a new 5-year strategic plan to guide us into the future.  The plan outlines clear and measurable goals, objectives and strategies for four priority conservation areas: 1) Large Marine Fish Conservation, 2) Sustainable Fishing Practices, 3) Ecosystems, and 4) Climate Change. Prior ...

2019: An Extraordinary Year

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2019 was an extraordinary year for Wild Oceans. Our long-time leader Ken Hinman stepped down after 41 years serving as our organization president and joined our Board of Directors. Rob Kramer, the former President of the International Game Fish Association, stepped in and hit the ground running as our new president. We ...

Help Herring Over the Final Hurdle

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Let NMFS Know that You Support Measures to Protect Atlantic Herring’s Role as Forage   DEADLINE: October 21 Last fall, the New England Fishery Management Council adopted groundbreaking measures to conserve Atlantic herring and safeguard its role as prey.  Humpback whales, porpoises, seals, puffins, terns, tuna, striped bass, cod, pollock ...

Press Release A Change In Leadership At Wild Oceans

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Long-time Leader Hinman Retires, Kramer Steps In Waterford, VA – August 27, 2019 – After 41 years at the helm, Wild Oceans President Ken Hinman will be stepping down on September 30, 2019.  Replacing him in the position, Wild Oceans Board of Directors has recruited veteran nonprofit leader Rob Kramer, former President of the International Game Fish ...

Time to View the Summer Horizon

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by Pam Lyons Gromen The summer edition of the Wild Oceans Horizon is here!  And what a busy summer we have had.  Check out our travel log on pages 8-9 to see the distance we will go to fight for the fish (as far as Japan!).  In this issue, we celebrate a ...

Budget Dumpster Shines Spotlight on Wild Oceans Accomplishments

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Budget Dumpster, a nationally renowned dumpster rental company with a strong commitment to sustainability, profiles “the best cities, companies, organizations and individuals who go above and beyond to improve the environment.”  Wild Oceans is proud to be featured in the company’s latest Profiles in Environmentalism, a regular segment in their blog The Fill.

A Gift to the Sea

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Stephanie Choate, winner of the 2014 Fishing World Cup, donated $100,000 from her tournament winnings to Wild Oceans, a conservation group dedicated to the future of ocean fishing. She is pictured here with Wild Oceans president Ken Hinman, Wild Oceans Board Chairman Tim Choate, Vice Chairman Rick Weber, and Board ...

BCA Closer to Complete Ban on US Mainland Billfish Sales

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When the Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) was signed into US law nearly a year ago, conservationists worldwide cheered that the globe’s largest market for imported marlin, sailfish, and spearfish would soon be closed. Although the challenge of getting a bill passed through the legislative process was won, there is still work to ...

William C. Cox (1930-2013): A Remembrance

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Bill Cox, a member of our Board of Directors for nearly 40 years, passed away on May 1st. The following remembrance was written by founding board member and good friend Chris Weld. By Christopher M. Weld I first met Bill when my family rented a house in the summer of ...

Wild Oceans Receives Prestigious Conservation Award for Billfish Work

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Wild Oceans received the International Game Fish Association’s Conservation Award for 2013 at IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida on January 25th. Wild Oceans was recognized for its work in passing The Billfish Conservation Act of 2012, according to IGFA president Rob Kramer. Tim Choate, ...