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Support Legislation to End Drift Gillnets

Three decades ago, the California legislature made a faulty decision and allowed commercial drift gillnets to take hold off of California. These mile-long nets soak in the ocean overnight and catch everything in their path, leaving fishermen no choice but to discard over half the catch, including important recreational species, sharks, mola mola and marine mammals. However, alternative fishing gears exist. By eliminating drift gillnets and providing fishermen with transition funds to purchase 21st century gear gear, California is promoting sustainable fishing and healthy ocean ecosystems. 


Take the Swordfish Pledge

One of the keys to changing the swordfish fishery, as in any market, is collective action from consumers.  Consumers have to start demanding sustainably-caught swordfish and refusing other swordfish alternatives.  Until then, U.S. and foreign fleets will continue to deploy indiscriminate gear like longlines and drift nets, turning a blind eye to the bycatch of sharks, billfish, juvenile tunas and other finish.

Keep Longlines Out Of The Pacific

Sign our petition to keep longlines out of the pacificThe Pacific Fishery Management Council and National Marine Fisheries Service are considering allowing industrial-scale longliners into waters off of California, Oregon and Washington.  In the past, recreational fishermen have fought off long lining. It’s time to speak out again for “NO LONGLINES IN THE PACIFIC”.

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