A Gift to the Sea

A Gift to the Sea
WO-team Wild Ocean Team
Published On February 27, 2015
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Stephanie Choate, winner of the 2014 Fishing World Cup, donated $100,000 from her tournament winnings to Wild Oceans, a conservation group dedicated to the future of ocean fishing.

She is pictured here with Wild Oceans president Ken Hinman, Wild Oceans Board Chairman Tim Choate, Vice Chairman Rick Weber, and Board Members Christopher Weld and Bill Boyce.  Stephanie presented the group with the check at their 41st Annual Meeting in Islamorada, Florida in December.

“I support Wild Oceans because I have seen firsthand the amount of good they have done with all the resources they have,” says Stephanie, who travels the world fishing competitively and spreading the word for marine conservation.

“Stephanie’s example of giving back to the sea, which enhances our lives in so many ways, is inspiring and at the same time challenges all of us to do even more,” says Hinman.