Time to View the Summer Horizon

Time to View the Summer Horizon
Pam in NJ Beach Pam Lyons Gromen
Published On August 29, 2016
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by Pam Lyons Gromen

The summer edition of the Wild Oceans Horizon is here!  And what a busy summer we have had.  Check out our travel log on pages 8-9 to see the distance we will go to fight for the fish (as far as Japan!).  In this issue, we celebrate a major victory as a plan to protect unmanaged forage fish in the Mid-Atlantic is completed. West Coast Fisheries Project Director Theresa Labriola discusses threats to the survival of Pacific bluefin tuna and how we are getting involved to bring them back from the brink. Catch up on menhaden as president Ken Hinman breaks down the controversy surrounding a developing ecosystem model that could cause the public outcry to conserve menhaden for predators to go unanswered.

Here is the complete list of stories in this issue:

* Parks & Recreation (What do we think about marine protected areas?)

* Ocean View: Fear of the Known

* Wild Oceans Chair Tim Choate Joins Fishing Hall of Fame

* Hinman to Give Keynote Speech at International Billfish Symposium

* Next Year’s Model (Menhaden)

* A Win for Mid-Atlantic Ocean Predators

* A Generation’s Chance to Tip the Scales for Bluefin

* Staff Travel Log

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