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Coalition Achieves Conservation Gains for Atlantic Blue Shark

Author: Wild Ocean Team Posted Under: Blog, RFMO’s, Big Fish

Earlier this month, Wild Oceans joined colleagues including SharkProject to ask the International Convention for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT or Commission) to reduce the catch of North Atlantic and South Atlantic blue shark and task their scientists with developing long term options for managing blue shark. ICCAT took ...

Wild Oceans Builds Striped Marlin Coalition

Author: Theresa Labriola Posted Under: Blog, RFMO’s, Billfish, Striped Marlin

Wild Oceans has been building a collation of local, national, and international recreational fishing, small boat and ocean conservation organizations asking the United States to prioritize development and adoption of a conservation and management measure for Western and Central North Pacific Ocean (WCNPO) striped marlin this year. The Pacific’s largest ...


Author: Theresa Labriola Posted Under: Blog, RFMO’s, Sharks, Victories, Big Fish

In November, after more than a decade of warning about the vulnerability and decline of North Atlantic shortfin mako shark, international managers banned the retention of all shortfin mako sharks for two years. International scientists have advised that a moratorium is the most immediate step we can take to reverse the decline and rebuild the population, but it will still take more than five decades to fully recover this deeply depleted population.