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BCA Closer to Complete Ban on US Mainland Billfish Sales

Author: Ken Hinman Posted Under: Blog, Billfish, Marlin, Victories, Big Fish, Our News

When the Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) was signed into US law nearly a year ago, conservationists worldwide cheered that the globe’s largest market for imported marlin, sailfish, and spearfish would soon be closed. Although the challenge of getting a bill passed through the legislative process was won, there is still work to ...

Federal Councils Act to Protect River Herring and Shad at Sea

Author: Pam Lyons Gromen Posted Under: Herring, Councils, Blog, Prey Base, Victories

Bycatch of river herring and shad in federal fisheries will finally be regulated, affording these imperiled forage fish protection at sea where they spend most of their lives. Measures adopted by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council two weeks ago in New York City and last week by the New England ...

United States Protects Imperiled Species: Billfish Conservation Act Becomes Law

Author: Wild Ocean Team Posted Under: Blog, Billfish, Victories, Big Fish

On October 6, 2012, President Obama signed the Billfish Conservation Act into law, effectively banning the importation of all billfish into the continental United States. The signing marks the culmination of a united undertaking by a diverse coalition of angling and conservation organizations working in cooperation with a bipartisan group ...