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Groundbreaking Actions Proposed to Safeguard Atlantic Herring as Forage

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Make Sure New England Fishery Managers Hear Your Support! Public comment is being sought by the New England Fishery Management Council on actions designed to better manage Atlantic sea herring for its ecological role as forage.  Atlantic herring has been described as the linchpin holding together the food web in ...

Ocean Frontiers III Premieres Feb. 8th at the Virginia Aquarium

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Experience a spectacular evening at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center for the World Premiere of Ocean Frontiers III.   “If you are not at the table, you are on the menu.”  This quote sums up why Wild Oceans believes that it is so important for anglers to stay informed about ...

Voice Your Support for a Strong Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan

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Voice Your Support for a Strong Ocean Plan The Draft Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan has been released!  Anglers and all stakeholders who value our oceans have a critical opportunity to weigh in to support a plan that conserves places of high productivity and diversity, places that are essential to the ...

Pacific Council Finishes Precautionary Plan to Protect Unmanaged Forage

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In September 2015, I attended the Pacific Fishery Management Council in Sacramento to celebrate the Council’s completion of their first ecosystem-based amendment, three years in the making, which will protect unmanaged and unfished forage fish from directed commercial fishing. The Council approved regulations drafted by the National Marine Fisheries Service ...

The Past and Future of Menhaden

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ASMFC INITIATES AMENDMENT 3 TO PROTECT ATLANTIC MENHADEN AS FORAGE On May 5th, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission had one foot in the past and one in the future. At the same meeting where it approved a modest increase in the coast-wide quota based on an out-moded single-species stock assessment, the Menhaden ...

Budget Dumpster Shines Spotlight on Wild Oceans Accomplishments

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Budget Dumpster, a nationally renowned dumpster rental company with a strong commitment to sustainability, profiles “the best cities, companies, organizations and individuals who go above and beyond to improve the environment.”  Wild Oceans is proud to be featured in the company’s latest Profiles in Environmentalism, a regular segment in their blog The Fill.

A Gift to the Sea

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Stephanie Choate, winner of the 2014 Fishing World Cup, donated $100,000 from her tournament winnings to Wild Oceans, a conservation group dedicated to the future of ocean fishing. She is pictured here with Wild Oceans president Ken Hinman, Wild Oceans Board Chairman Tim Choate, Vice Chairman Rick Weber, and Board ...

Sharks, Rays Win New Trade Protections

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Five species of sharks and two types of manta rays won new safeguards Monday, as delegates to a global wildlife summit voted to limit the trade of species that have been overharvested for decades.

Lines Out for Bluefin

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NOAA CLOSES MORE WATERS TO LONGLINING, WILL CLOSE FISHERY IF IT REACHES BYCATCH CAP October 2014 Five years ago, when NOAA Fisheries announced they were looking for ways to limit the longline bycatch and discard of Atlantic bluefin tuna, we had some suggestions. In August 2009, Wild Oceans (then NCMC)recommended a comprehensive conservation program ...

Renewing the Magnuson Act, Part 1

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Keep the nation on the Path to Sustainable Fisheries One of the issues getting a lot of attention in the run-up to another reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (along with ecosystem-based management, upcoming in Renewing the Magnuson Act, Part 2) is adding “flexibility” to federal requirements ...