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Ocean View: Building on MSA for a Resilient Fisheries Future

Author: Rob Kramer Posted Under: Blog, Better Policies, Climate Change, Healthy Oceans

"Sustaining America’s Fisheries for the Future Act of 2021 recognizes that oceans are warming, fish are moving, and managers do not have the adequate tools to address the consequences." Few organizations involved in marine fisheries management in the United States can say that they have been there from the beginning. ...


Author: Theresa Labriola Posted Under: Blog, Ecosystems, Better Policies, Climate Change, Healthy Oceans

Preserving Fishing Opportunities While Protecting the Ocean Ecosystem Earlier this year, President Biden issued Executive Order 14008, Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. Importantly, the Order includes provisions to help protect our ocean ecosystems and future fishing opportunities. By proposing new or strengthening existing management and conservation measures, ...