Get Rid of Drift Nets, Bring in Safer, “Greener” Gears

Get Rid of Drift Nets, Bring in Safer, “Greener” Gears
WO-team Wild Ocean Team
Published On March 5, 2014
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It’s Time to Remove Mile-Long Entanglement Nets from the California Coast

Wild Oceans is urging the Pacific Fishery Management Council to phase-out the use of drift gill nets in the west coast swordfish fisheries and begin phasing-in more sustainable alternative gears demonstrated to have minimal bycatch of non-target billfish, sharks, sea turtles and other vulnerable wildlife.  Wild Oceans staff will be attending the council’s meeting March 8-12 in Sacramento, California.  In advance of the meeting, we submitted written comments along with a paper on Best Fishing Practices in the Pacific for the west coast swordfish fishery.

March 5, 2014