• October 22, 2013

    Coming Together: Striped Bass and Menhaden

    By Ken Hinman Two iconic fish – the striped bass, perhaps the most popular game fish on the east coast, and menhaden, the prey of choice for stripers and dozens of other coastal Atlantic predators – will be the topic of discussions at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission on…

  • October 03, 2013

    BCA Closer to Complete Ban on US Mainland Billfish Sales

    When the Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) was signed into US law nearly a year ago, conservationists worldwide cheered that the globe’s largest market for imported marlin, sailfish, and spearfish would soon be closed. Although the challenge of getting a bill passed through the legislative process was won, there is still work to be done to make sure the BCA will be properly enacted. Last Thursday, on September 26, 2013,Wild Oceansand the International Game Fish Association

  • September 19, 2013

    Mid-Atlantic Council to Make Critical Decision for Future of River Herrings

    By Pam Lyons Gromen – In 2009, Wild Oceans brought attention to the plight of the Atlantic’s river-spawning herrings in an article entitled Out of Bounds. Coastwide, populations of alewives, blueback herring and American shad had plummeted to record lows. We argued that saving these critical forage fish required conservation and management that encompassed their…

  • August 20, 2013

    Pacific Council on the Right Path to Safeguard Forage

    By Theresa Labriola – Thanks to everyone who signed our petition asking the Pacific Fishery Management Council to initiate a process for developing a forage status indicator. In June, I traveled to the Council meeting in Garden Grove, California to hand deliver your petition to the Council. While there, I presented testimony on behalf of…

  • July 18, 2013

    The Public Weighs In: Strictly Enforce the Billfish Conservation Act

    By Ken Hinman We’d like to thank the many Wild Oceans supporters who signed our petition asking the National Marine Fisheries Service to enforce the Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 with a strict prohibition on the sale of marlin, sailfish and spearfish in the continental United States, allowing only a limited exemption for the local...
  • July 01, 2013

    5-Year Plan Offers Promising Future for Mid-Atlantic Fisheries

    Tell the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council that You Support Their Commitment to Ocean Stewardship! The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is seeking public comment on a draft strategic plan that outlines the Council’s vision, mission and strategic goals for 5 years spanning 2014 through 2018.  Developed from extensive stakeholder outreach and feedback over the last two...
  • June 30, 2013

    Federal Councils Act to Protect River Herring and Shad at Sea

    Bycatch of river herring and shad in federal fisheries will finally be regulated, affording these imperiled forage fish protection at sea where they spend most of their lives. Measures adopted by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council two weeks ago in New York City and last week by the New England Fishery Management Council at its...
  • June 18, 2013

    Federal Council Approves Measure to Conserve River Herring and Shad

    On June 12th the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council placed the first-ever limits on the catch of river herring and shad in offshore waters, capping the amount that can be taken in a year by trawl netters fishing for mackerel. Individual states along the eastern seaboard have tightly restricted and in a number of cases completely...
  • June 06, 2013

    William C. Cox (1930-2013): A Remembrance

    Bill Cox, a member of our Board of Directors for nearly 40 years, passed away on May 1st. The following remembrance was written by founding board member and good friend Chris Weld. By Christopher M. Weld I first met Bill when my family rented a house in the summer of 1944 in Cohasset, a harbor…