Ken Hinman


Ken has 40 years experience working professionally to conserve marine fish, and has served as Wild Oceans (NCMC) president since 1997. He is a co-founder of numerous alliances uniting fishermen and conservationists, including the Marine Fish Conservation Network, Ocean Wildlife Campaign, Menhaden Matter and Take Marlin Off the Menu. Ken has authored hundreds of published articles on marine conservation policy, education and science. He wrote monthly conservation columns for Marlin magazine (1986-1997) and Salt Water Sportsman magazine (1997-2005). He serves in a number of appointed advisory positions on fisheries matters, national and international. Among the individual awards he has received are The Billfish Foundation’s Conservation Award in 1988 and the Carl R. Sullivan Fishery Conservation Award by the American Fisheries Society in 2002. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Conservation from the University of New Hampshire.  See I Am Wild Oceans.


Pam Lyons Gromen

Executive Director

Pam joined the Wild Oceans staff in 2005 after 14 years in the public aquarium field. Serving as an advocate and policy analyst for Wild Oceans, Pam has authored numerous recommendations on fishery management actions and regularly participates in meetings. Through her 2006 report, Taking the Bait: Are America’s Fisheries Out-competing Predators for their Prey?, Pam launched Wild Ocean’s program to protect the prey base. She currently serves on the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Shad & River Herring Advisory Panel (AP) and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council’s Ecosystem and Ocean Planning AP and Mackerel, Squid & Butterfish AP. She is also the editor of the Wild Oceans Horizon, our member newsletter. Pam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Science from Jacksonville University and a Certificate in Middle Childhood Science Education from Western Governors University.  See I Am Wild Oceans.


Theresa Labriola

Pacific Fisheries Program Director

Theresa has a strong advocacy background, pursuing legal and grassroots solutions to environmental pollution and the over-exploitation of our natural resources. Theresa has worked as a fisheries advocate in the northeast, building successful campaigns to restore our oceans by protecting forage fish like menhaden and herring. As an environmental litigator, she prosecuted lawsuits against some of the most egregious polluters of our airand water, including those who illegally released millions of pounds of pollutants from oil refineries into our air, discharged excess metals from coal plants into our water, and failed to properly treat municipal stormwater and sewage. Theresa received her law degree from Vermont Law School. While there, she edited the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, published several editorials on genetically modified salmon and toxics in fish. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and Ecology from Cornell University.  See I Am Wild Oceans.


Laureen Megan

Office Manager

Laureen has been managing the organization’s member database, keeping the books and performing sundry other duties around the office since 1994. When she’s not in the office, she’s most likely working with her horses. Needless to say, her favorite sea animals belong to the family Hippocampus (the seahorses).