Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Tim Choate


Tim has been an ardent angler since moving to Islamorada, Florida from New York City asa boy in the mid-1950s. As president of Artmarina, Tim has managed numerous charter fishing operations and lodges throughout Central and South America, including the Galapagos Islands.He pioneered the use of circle hooks in offshore fishing to enhance survival of released marlin and other big fish as well as the use of socioeconomic studies by governments and conservation groups to validate the correlation of billfishing conservation and tourism. In 2012, Tim was awarded the prestigious Frank Johnson Trophy for Personal Achievement in the Advancement of Big Game Sport Fishing by Guy Harvey Outpost, LTD and a year later received an IGFA Conservation Award for his role in passage of The Billfish Conservation Act of 2012.


Rick Weber

Vice Chairman

Rick resides in Cape May, New Jersey, and operates South Jersey Marina and South Jersey Tournaments. He is closely involved with his family’s other businesses, including Canyon Club Marina and South Jersey Yacht Sales. He is an active offshore fisherman and diver. Rick is also very involved with the fishery management process, serving as an advisor on highly migratory species for the National Marine Fisheries Service and a member of the U.S. ICCAT Advisory Committee.


Mary Barley

Mary Barley has served on the Wild Oceans board since 1998. She served as Vice Chairperson of The Everglades Foundation from 2003-2012. Mary is also Chair of The Everglades Trust and serves on the boards of the Atlantic Salmon Federation (U.S.) and the National Parks Conservation Association. She has received many awards and accolades for her work and been profiled in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Time’s Hero of the Planet. Mary resides in Islamorada, Florida.


Bill Boyce

A native Californian, Bill spent four years as a fisheries biologist with the U.S. Forest Service in California, Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska. He then spent twelve years working for the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) monitoring and conserving stocks of tunas, dolphins, billfish and sharks by the Eastern Pacific tuna purse seine fleet. Bill currently directs, produces and hosts the award winning TV series, IGFA Angler’s Digest.


Jody Bright

Jody is a marlin fisherman by trade and a conservationist by rote. He has worked on fishing boats in 22 tropical countries, but now focuses exclusively on the Pacific. He has worked with the Fisheries Departments of most Pacific Island nations and regional fishery bodies throughout the Pacific Rim. As founder and President of the Hawaii Conservation Association, Jody worked with everyone from Native Hawaiian villagers to legislators in crafting and passing Act 306, establishing the West Hawaii Regional Fisheries Management Area. Currently his focus is field work and support of the blue marlin pop-up satellite archival tag program. He also owns and operates the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series, the first events in Hawaii to pay cash prizes to tag-and-release marlin.



Larry Dahlberg

Larry began his professional fishing career at age 11 as a fly fishing guide for smallmouth bass.  In the 70s, he spearheaded a smallmouth migration tagging study that led to regulations resulting in the unprecedented recovery of trophy-sized bass.  For 25 years he’s hosted and produced The Hunt For Big Fish television show, an endeavor which has taken him to over 80 countries.  He’s an avid angler in both fresh and saltwater with both conventional and fly tackle.  Larry has been honored with the Conservation Award from the IGFA, the Henshall Award from the Federation of Fly Fishers,  and has received numerous television awards.  Larry is also a member of both the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame.



Tim Ervin

Splitting time between Islamorada, FL and Onekama, MI, Tim can be found chasing salmon and trout on Lake Michigan, the 2nd largest freshwater sea, or working the Key’s backcounty and nearshore waters.  A leader for over 30 years in government, business and nonprofits, Tim works on matters ranging from economic and community development to resource protection involving fisheries, water quality and economic development and building philanthropy.  His focus with Wild Oceans is fund development and organizational capacity building.


Stephanie Osgood Choate

Stephanie has been traveling the world and fishing competitively for the last 5 years.  She has won the Blue Marlin World Cup, the Bermuda Triple Crown, and the IGFA Gil Keech Heavy Tackle Award for her women’s black marlin world record catch in Australia.  Stephanie annually competes in the Quest for the Crest tournament series with her fishing team Miss Britt out of Miami, Florida.  While living in Oklahoma, she continues to travel to fish and spread the word for Wild Oceans and conservation in any capacity she can while focusing on emboldening the younger generations.



Stanley Arkin

Director Emeritus

Stanley, a self-employed venture capitalist based in New York City, is a lover of the arts and an avid angler who fishes from the east end of Long Island.


John Heyer

Director Emeritus

John has been an active bluewater tag-and-release fisherman for many years.  His interest in conserving marine resources is the hope that his grandchildren and future generations can have as much enjoyment from the sea as he has had.