Spring Horizon

The Spring 2016 Wild Oceans Horizon is Here!

The Spring 2016 Wild Oceans Horizon

Wild Oceans Horizon spring2016As Wild Oceans staff members were assembling stories for this edition of the Horizon, we began to refer to it as “the people issue.”  As president Ken Hinman writes in the cover story, “Every story in this issue of The Horizon is about people, specifically those people who care about the future of fishing enough to get involved.”

In his regular column feature, the Ocean View, Ken considers an alarming trend showing a “collapse” of children interacting with nature, a trend which highlights the importance of engaging young people in fishing and other ocean activities.  Ken also provides an update on an amendment to the menhaden plan that promises to establish new reference points to conserve and manage menhaden as forage, an amendment that responds to decades of unprecedented public support.

Our West Coast Fisheries Project Director, Theresa Labriola, writes about her experiences at the March Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, California where she met hundreds of anglers and was moved by their commitment to ocean stewardship.  Many anglers at the show joined Wild Oceans’ petition to end drift netting on the west coast.

Executive Director Pam Lyons Gromen discusses the developing Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Plan and a recent effort among the angling community to support the identification and conservation of wildlife hotspots.

And we remember one of our favorite people, Sandy Kaupe, a long-time member of the Wild Oceans Board of Directors, who led a remarkable life committed to preserving wild oceans for future generations of anglers. Download your copy today (.pdf)


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