The Fall 2015 Wild Oceans Horizon

In the cover story of the Fall 2015 issue of the Wild Oceans Horizon, president Ken Hinman writes about emerging threats to the Arctic Sea from global warming, which is not only melting the sea ice but opening up this fragile polar ecosystem to unregulated shipping, oil exploration and commercial fishing (The Plight of the Polar Oceans).  Executive director Pam Lyons Gromen celebrates big progress on forage fish conservation on the east and west coasts (Forage Goes First) and fisheries project director Theresa Labriola describes how recreational fishermen turned out in force to urge the Pacific Council to authorize new, environmentally-friendly commercial fishing gear for swordfish (Fishermen Catch Council’s Attention).  Also in this issue, we take a look back at 2015 (The Year in Review), present The 75% Solution for menhaden and other key prey species, and in his Ocean View editorial (State of the Ocean is Not Red or Blue), Ken explains why, in this ideologically polarized era, everyone should be a conservative when it comes to wild oceans.

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