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  • February 07, 2013

    Wild Oceans Receives Prestigious Conservation Award for Billfish Work

    Wild Oceans received the International Game Fish Association’s Conservation Award for 2013 at IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum in Dania Beach, Florida on January 25th. Wild Oceans was recognized for its work in passing The Billfish Conservation Act of 2012, according to IGFA president Rob Kramer. Tim Choate, Wild Oceans chair, also received...
  • January 17, 2013

    NOAA Fisheries Implements International Provisions of the Shark Conservation Act

    NOAA Fisheries has stepped up measures to protect sharks from the lucrative shark fin trade. New regulations issued on January 16th to implement international provisions of the Shark Conservation Act of 2010 require the United States to identify nations whose fishing vessels catch sharks on the high seas but whose regulations are not up to...
  • January 02, 2013

    Bring back the big fish

    By removing too many of the sea’s keystone predators. We weaken an entire tier at the top of the food chain. This may have dire biological consequences throughout the ecosystem far beyond the social. Economic and moral costs of depleted ocean fisheries

  • October 06, 2012

    United States Protects Imperiled Species: Billfish Conservation Act Becomes Law

    On October 6, 2012, President Obama signed the Billfish Conservation Act into law, effectively banning the importation of all billfish into the continental United States. The signing marks the culmination of a united undertaking by a diverse coalition of angling and conservation organizations working in cooperation with a bipartisan group of congressional champions. Although there...