ACTION: Mid-Atlantic Regional Action Plan

Voice Your Support for a Strong Ocean Plan

In early Julwhats in the ocean plan 2y 2016, a draft of yourplaceintheocean.compressedthe Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan will be released. Anglers and all stakeholders who value our oceans have a critical opportunity to weigh in to support a plan that conserves places of high productivity and diversity, places that are essential to the resilience and function of the ecosystem – wild places that should be enjoyed by future generations.
The Mid-Atlantic is one of nine regional planning areas described under the National Ocean Policy (NOP), created through an Executive Order. Each region can establish a Regional Planning Body (RPB) consisting of federal, state, tribal and fishery management council representatives who work cooperatively to develop Regional Ocean Action Plans.

Scheduled for completion in September 2016, the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan is well underway, guided by two main goals:

  1. Healthy Ocean Ecosystem: Promote ocean ecosystem health, functionality and integrity through conservation, protection, enhancement, and restoration.
  2. Sustainable Ocean Uses: Plan and provide for existing and emerging ocean uses in a sustainable manner that minimizes conflicts, improves effectiveness and regulatory predictability, and supports economic growth.

How to be Heard

> Download our Fact Sheet.

> Participate in the July 11 Public Webinar on the Draft Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan – 11am-1:30pm EST

> Attend an in-person listening session at one or more of the following locations.

For More Background

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