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Pacific Council Makes Plans to Phase-Out Drift Nets

03/24/14 Pacific Council Makes Plans to Phase-Out Drift Nets The Pacific Fishery Management Council, at its March meeting in Sacramento, Calif., took several steps toward developing a “comprehensive plan” for moving away from the use of drift gill nets to catch swordfish in favor of more “environmentally and economically..read more

Get Rid of Drift Nets, Bring in Safer, “Greener” Gears

03/05/14 It's Time to Remove Mile-Long Entanglement Nets from the California Coast Wild Oceans is urging the Pacific Fishery Management Council to phase-out the use of drift gill nets in the west coast swordfish fisheries and begin phasing-in more sustainable alternative gears demonstrated to have minimal bycatch of non-target..read more

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NOAA Ponders Seafood Certification

04/04/14 SHOULD THE GOVERNMENT GET INTO THE BUSINESS OF CERTIFYING FISHERIES?   By Ken Hinman The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is seeking public input on a proposal to certify United States seafood as “sustainable.”  The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, wh..read more

Coming Together: Striped Bass and Menhaden

10/22/13 By Ken Hinman Two iconic fish – the striped bass, perhaps the most popular game fish on the east coast, and menhaden, the prey of choice for stripers and dozens of other coastal Atlantic predators – will be the topic of discussions at the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission..read more

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BCA Closer to Complete Ban on US Mainland Billfish Sales

10/03/13 October 3, 2013 When the Billfish Conservation Act (BCA) was signed into US law nearly a year ago, conservationists worldwide cheered that the globe’s largest market for imported marlin, sailfish, and spearfish would soon be closed. Although the challenge of getting a bill passed through the legislative process wa..read more

Fishery Council Adopts A New Plan for a Fish-Eat-Fish World

04/13/13 Little fish took center stage at the Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting in Portland, Oregon on April 9th, when the Council voted to take fisheries management in a new direction – one that takes into account the overall health of the California Current ecosystem, starting with protection of the small bait fish..read more

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