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  • WildOcean_HealthyOceans Preserve Healthy Oceans
  • project-img3 Better Polices, Better Fishing
  • WildOcean_TMOTM(2) Take Marlin Off the Menu

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The Summer 2015 Wild Oceans Horizon

09/01/15 In the Summer 2015 issue of the Wild Oceans Horizon, president Ken Hinman recaps 17 years of progress in reducing wasteful longline bycatch and in promoting sustainable fishing methods for swordfish and tuna.  Theresa Labriola, West Coast Fisheries Project Director, makes the case for why California should take its dr..read more

Wild Oceans Releases “Resource Sharing”

08/10/15 New Paper Outlines a More Natural Way to Fish in Wild Oceans To sustain life in the ocean while at the same time ensuring a healthy future for fishing at sea, we need to fish as part of the natural system, as one among many predators, argues a new white paper released today by the conservation group Wild Oceans. ..read more

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Rush to Judgment

11/19/15 Statement Released by Wild Oceans, November 18, 2015   The press has us over a barrel, don’t they? As Mark Twain observed, “If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you're misinformed.” Anyone who read the November 17 CBC News report, "International Angler Caught ..read more

Restrictions on Driftnets Protect Whales & Turtles, but Leave Finfish Vulnerable

11/03/15 By Theresa Labriola -  The Pacific Fishery Management Council recently took steps to clean up one of our nation’s dirtiest fisheries, the California drift gillnet fishery. The fleet deploys mile-long nets at night and retrieves them at dawn to sort through the catch of ocean fish, marine mammals and turtles. Mor..read more

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Pacific Council Finishes Precautionary Plan to Protect Unmanaged Forage

11/03/15 By Theresa Labriola -  In September 2015, I attended the Pacific Fishery Management Council in Sacramento to celebrate the Council’s completion of their first ecosystem-based amendment, three years in the making, which will protect unmanaged and unfished forage fish from directed commercial fishing. The Council..read more

250 Million More Menhaden In 2014

09/25/14 MENHADEN CONSERVATION MEASURES LEAVE MORE PREY IN THE WATER TO SUSTAIN PREDATORS   250 million menhaden!  That's the estimated number of these vital forage fish left in the water in 2013 to feed Atlantic striped bass, bluefin tuna, osprey, whales and myriad other marine animals, because of a new east coast me..read more

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